About us

Our mission is to offer architects and designers materials above and beyond the norm. The name Artmesh comes from combining the words ‘art’ and ‘mesh’ and reflects the fact that the mesh materials often embellish their projects and turn them into art.

Artmesh provides a variety of mesh materials from all over the world. We can also do special materials/combinations on demand.

The Artmesh materials resemble textile materials while being made out of metal. They appear soft and ductile and they seem to change appearance depending on lighting conditions. Mesh materials inspire architects and designers world wide to create extraordinary design.

But mesh is not only about design. Mesh can also provide many important functions like security, ventilation, transparency, room division and shade. It can be used for plants to climb on. Only your imagination limits its use.

Artmesh is owned and operated by Architect Erik Kolman Janouch who is also part of Kolman Boye Architects.

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ArtMesh AB
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Tel: +46-8-55111300